Lung Cleansing Foods Good for Respiratory System

Use foods good for lungs and breathing

Lungs health is critical to keep our body healthy and ticking over nicely. Lungs are to our body what cog is to wheel and lungs help to work our body effectively. In case of oxygen deprivation, you may suffer from serious respiratory health issues like COPD, asthma and pneumonia. Therefore, it is beneficial to have information about lung cleansing foods good for respiratory system

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 235 million people suffer from asthma and amid the incidence of Pandemic like Covid-19, it is much more need to keep our lungs healthy and boost respiratory health according to the American Lung Association.

Respiratory issues decrease the breathing efficiency of our lungs. We can keep our lungs health by eating a healthy diet. Healthy diet resembles long-term investment to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Apart from exercise, your lungs need lung cleansing foods good for the respiratory system.

Water Intake

Dry lungs may develop irritation therefore, it is important to keep our body hydrated to have healthy lungs. Every day, you should consume six to eight glasses of water.

Water is good for our body and helps as one of lung cleansing foods good for respiratory system
Keep your body hydrated for healthy lungs (Source Unsplash)

Fatty Fish

Fish provides us with omega-3 fatty acids which help to keep our lungs healthy. Therefore, use fish high in fat to replenish your body with omega-3 fatty acids.

Fatty fish provides omega-3 fatty acid and is very good lung cleansing foods to help respiratory system
Fish help lung cleansing as a superfood (Source Pixabay Free to use)


Apples are also a good choice to keep our lungs healthy. Apples are antioxidant-rich fruit and help to keep free radicals low in our bodies. In a study published by a research team from St George’s Hospital Medical School London, more than 2,500 men of age ranged from 45 to 49 were studies to explore the role of diet and lung function.

Results of the research team found that high intake of nutrients like beta-carotene, vitamins C & E improved the lung function. Moreover, citrus fruits, green delicious apples and apple fruit juice also help to keep our lungs healthy.

Apples are rich sources of vitamin A which help lung cleansing as super food.
Apples keep lungs healthy as antioxidant-rich fruit (Source Unsplash)

Read more here why eating an apple is so beneficial for us.


Apricots contain high amounts of vitamin A which helps to keep our lungs healthy. Vitamin A plays a supportive role to improve respiratory tract linings and apricots consumption may decrease the incidence of lung and respiratory tract infections.

Apricots are good for lungs cleansing and respiratory system.
Apricots are good for lungs cleansing and respiratory system (Source Pixabay Free to use)


Broccoli is one of leafy greens which is full of antioxidants. Broccoli improves the NRF2 protein expression which protects against oxidative damage triggered by injury and inflammation.

Broccoli is super food and keeps our lungs healthy by cleansing.
Brocolli reduce oxidative stress and helps lungs cleansing (Source Unsplash Free to use)

Therefore, eating broccoli may keep your lungs healthy and research suggests that broccoli is recommended for individuals suffering from a chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder.


Our lungs may benefit from poultry products, such as chicken, turkey and small poultry birds. Poultry is a rich source of vitamin A which is essential for keeping our lungs healthy. Moreover, our bodies absorb animal-based vitamin A more efficiently as compared to vitamin A from plant sources.

Vitamin A in poultry keep lungs healthy.
Vitamin A in poultry keep lungs healthy (Source Pixabay)


Walnuts are also a good source of omega-3 fatty acid. According to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, eating walnuts in ample quantity help to fight respiratory problems especially asthma and other respiratory ailments. Therefore, use walnut of about a handful daily on a regular basis to cleanse lungs and boost our immune system.

Walnuts as super food keeps our lungs cleansed and healthy.
Walnut helps mucous membranes of lungs (Source Pixabay Free to use)

Therefore, use walnut of about a handful daily on a regular basis to cleanse lungs and boost our immune system.


Beans are also helpful to improve lungs health. Beans are powerful sources of antioxidants which help to decrease free radicals in our bodies. Free radicals damage our lungs and lead to decreasing breathing efficiency.

Include beans in diet plan to keep our lungs cleansed and healthy.
Beans help respiratory health (Source Unsplash free to use)

Therefore, beans provide protection to the lungs and help to fight free radicals damaging our lungs and respiratory system. According to the American Cancer Society, beans are good for our lung’s health and help in cleansing.


Berries are always appreciable among health-conscious people as healthy foods full of powerful antioxidants with a multitude of health benefits. American Cancer Society also recommends berries to protect our lungs health.

Berries protect lungs from oxidative stress.
Berries protect lungs from oxidative stress (Source: Canva)

Among berries, Acai and blueberries are most effective, while cranberries, strawberries and grapes are also versatile sources of nutrients beneficial for our lungs and respiratory health.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a wonderful source of beta-carotene and capsaicin. Both are powerful stimulants of secretions produced in the upper and lower respiratory tract. Capsaicin as an anti-inflammatory compound provides protection to mucus membranes of lungs.

Capsaicin cleanses our lungs and pepper is one of best lung cleansing foods
Capsaicin cleanses lungs (Source Pixabay Free to use)

Therefore, it is good to use cayenne pepper tea to relieve symptoms of asthma and boost respiratory health.


Needless to say, lungs are very much vital to keep our body functioning normally. However, lungs just not need fresh air but we also inhale toxins and harmful chemicals arising from air pollutant and smoking.

Junk foods, air pollutants and smoking increase the buildup of free radicals in our body which damages the lungs and increase risk factors of respiratory health issues like asthma, bronchitis, COPD, cystic fibrosis and pneumonia.

Keep your lungs healthy by exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet especially lung cleansing foods good for respiratory system. In order to boost your lungs efficiency and respiratory health, make sure to include healthy foods that will help you to have efficient lungs with improved respiratory health and reduced risk factors for hypertension and stress.

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