Healthy Foods Good for Men’s Reproductive Health

Use foods that increase fertility and reproductive health

A good indicator of Men’s reproductive health is male fertility. All the males who are candidates of parenthood may improve their fertility focusing on the right combination of foods good for men’s reproductive health.

A famous book titled Food and Culture by Carole Counihan and Penny Van Esterik also describes that people used to improves their libido and reproductive health in ancient time by addressing malnutrition and eating libido-boosting foods good for men’s reproductive health.

Foods good for men's reproductive health increases libido
Use foods good for Men’s reproductive health (Source Pixabay)

Male fertility depends on several factors like sperm motility, sperm count, sperm morphology and volume. Healthy foods for reproductive health also provide health-promoting benefits for reproductive health.

Foods Good for Men’s Reproductive Health


Berries are full of antioxidants and vitamin C and vitamin E which help to increase sex drive. Blueberries are also rich in B vitamin which helps to promote kidney health and as a result, reproductive health improves. Berries eating will help in lowering erectile dysfunction risk in men.

Antioxidant rich berries is one of foods good for men's reproductive health
Berries are good for male fertility and optimal health

Brown Rice

Brown rice is loaded with fibre and used to dress up foods like pineapple and baby spinach.

Its fibre helps in weight reduction, minimizes diabetes risk factors, decreases inflammation and improves men’s reproductive health.

Fibre-Rich Cereals

Fibre helps to keep your gut function smooth and improves digestive system health. Therefore, consume shredded wheat as cereal full of fibre to help reproductive health.


Whole egg is called a complete diet because it provides an ample quantity of essential amino acids and vitamin B-6 and B-5. These essential nutrients help to maintain hormonal balance and fight stressful situations. These two factors play a pivotal role to have a healthy libido and enhance energy levels.

Eggs are good for male fertility and increasing sperm count.
Eggs provide vitamin B-6 and B-5

Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy greens, such as kale, spinach and collard help to maintain prostate health and improve vision. 

Lutein and zeaxanthin are chief nutrients of leafy green vegetables which help to increase testosterone levels. Spinach is loaded with magnesium which improves overall sexual health.

Endocrine system diet to improve endocrine health
Leafy green vegetables enhance male fertility, libido and reproductive health

Beta-Carotene Rich Foods

Carrots and bell peppers are rich sources of beta-carotene, vitamin C and lutein. These nutrients are good for increasing sperm count and volume and decrease risk factors of having enlarged prostate.

Soy Products

Excess of soy products is bad for men’s reproductive health because of presence of rich amounts of isoflavones (soy isoflavones or phytoestrogens). These isoflavones may alter activity of estrogens in human body. Therefore, it is safe for men to consume soy products in small amounts.

High soy intake may cause altered testosterone levels in men so avoid daily/high intake of soy products. Soy isoflavones protect against prostate cancer.

Tomato Sauce

Tomato has lycopene which helps to fight erectile dysfunction issue in men.

Nutritionist Lyndi Cohen revealed that tomato also increases blood flow and that is the key to increased libido in men.

Moreover, lycopene in tomato decreases risk factor of prostate cancer.

Greens are rich in powerful antioxidants as best brain foods to improve cognitive skills
Lycopene in tomato helps to fight erectile dysfunction in men

Brazil Nuts

Selenium is good for sexual performance and increases libido and sperm count. Brazil nuts have rich amounts of selenium and strengthen immune system and help thyroid gland.

Selenium and male fertility are strongly interlinked. Therefore, use foods rich in selenium for good reproductive health.

Selenium in nuts helps to increase male libido, sperm count and volume.
Selenium increases sperm count, volume and male fertility as well as immunity


Nuts are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, fibre and protein. As the report by Forbes concluded that Addition of 100 grams of pistachios improves men’s sexual life.

So, consume pistachios to increase your libido and benefit your reproductive health.


Potassium is a key controller of our moods. Bananas are fully loaded with potassium therefore, use bananas on a regular basis to counterbalance the negative effects of sodium. Moreover, potassium also provides beneficial fibre to our body.

Consume potassium-loaded foods to increase your libido and improve your mood and energy levels.

Greek Yogurt

Men like Greek yoghurt and it improves digestion, helps to reduce weight and increase sexual health. According to LiveStrong blog, yoghurt boosts male fertility and sperm count.

A study published in PloS One Journal indicated in 2014 that probiotic yoghurt intake improves sperm volume and testosterone levels in the body.

Greek yogurt is one of best foods good for men's reproductive health for enhanced fertility.
Greek yoghurt improves digestion and increases men’s reproductive health


We use ginger as spice or herb to spice up our foods. It has also libido-boosting properties. A Queensland naturopath, Simone Matthews, also confirms the same.

In Eastern cultures, older men use ginger to improve their libido and help erectile dysfunction and a 2017 study published in Translational Andrology and Urology Journal endorsed this.

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish is an excellent source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Tuna, Salmon and Halibut may increase your testosterone levels and helps to boost libido and reproductive health.

Foods Good for Men's Reproductive Health Include Fatty Fish as Well.
Omega-3 and omega-6 fats increase your testosterone levels


Avocado is not only good as a healthy food but also contains high levels of potassium which improves reproductive health and relieves mood.

A lot of processed and junk foods increase sodium levels in our bodies which impact blood flow and may cause bloating.

Bloating can be a mood-killer therefore, use potassium-loaded avocado to increase libido and reproductive health.


Having high energy levels and increased libido are crucial for good reproductive performance.

Moreover, healthy reproductive life demands high testosterone levels and increased blood flow in our bodies.

Use libido-boosting foods good for men’s reproductive health for enhanced fertility try not to be a victim of stress.  

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