Foods for Kidney Cleansing and Renal Health

Use kidney cleansing foods to flush your kidneys

Under our rib cages, bean-shaped kidneys reside in paired form. Kidneys clear the waste products from our body. According to an estimate, kidney process about 200 quarts of blood everyday and clear the excessive water and waste products from our body produced as a result of metabolic breakdown and wear and tear of body tissues. Kidney disease is a common global issue influencing about 10% of the world’s total population. Hence, foods for kidney cleansing are good to include in diets.

Our kidneys also provide three important hormones to the body which includes erythropoietin, renin and calcitriol. Erythropoietin is a stimulator of bone marrow to induce red blood cells formation. Renin has a role in regulation of blood pressure in our bodies, while calcitriol is an active form of vitamin D which regulates calcium in bones.

Kidney Cleansing

Normally, we eat foods such as fruits, vegetables, beverages, water which are high-moisture foods. Our body completes its requirement by absorbing adequate fluids from foodstuffs. Kidneys keep on filtering blood in self-cleansing mode to remove excessive fluids, toxins and waste products.

Foods for kidney cleansing and renal health are available in literature which help to cleanse kidneys by detoxifying kidneys to promote renal health and prevent decline in kidney function. Kidney cleansing allows to keep blood pressure in check, improvement of overall renal health (urinary tract and bladder functions improvement and preventing kidney stones formation), helps to boost immune system and fight infections by toxins clearance from whole body.

Several foods, herb or nutrients offer health benefits to cleanse kidneys. For enhancing kidney function, consult with your doctor or qualifies professional of complementary or alternative medicines. Here are some most commonly used foods to improve renal health by cleansing kidneys.

Dandelion Tea

Dandelion is a perennial herb which grows in Europe, Asia and North America. Dandelion leaves, flowers and roots are edible and exhibit medicinal properties. Dandelion tea has diuretic characteristics.

Use of Dandelion tea increases urine production and replenishes potassium to maintain its chemical balance after excessive clearance in the urine. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, native Americans utilize dandelion extract to improve kidney function through cleansing and treat kidney disease.

Dandelion is one of foods for kidney cleansing and renal health improvement
Dandelion tea helps to cleanse kidneys and flush waste products (Unsplash Free to use)

Marshmallow Root

Native people of Western Asia, Europe and Northern Africa have been using Marshmallow root as an oriental remedy for centuries. It consists of mucilage and exhibits diuretic properties. It helps to flush out excessive fluid from body and detox kidneys and bladder.

A study published in Journal of Pharmacognosy And Phytochemistry suggested that marshmallow is helpful to improve urinary tract function by providing anti-inflammatory effects and may be used to treat urinary tract infections.

Marshmallow is an oriental remedy and one of best herbs for kidney cleansing
Marshmallow helps urinary tract function (Source Unsplash Free to use)

Juniper Berries

Essential oils of Juniper berries have medicinal properties. Traditional Chinese Medicine also reports its dried fruit benefits for kidney cleansing by removing toxins and waste products from body.

Juniper berry essential oil has diuretic properties and helps to increase urine production which as results leads to reduced Edema and lowered blood pressure. Avoid excessive usage to prevent Juniper toxicity and always use in the proper dosage.

Essential oils of Juniper berries help kidney cleansing to flush kidneys
Essential oils of Juniper berries help kidney cleansing (Source Unsplash Free to use)

Nettle Leaf Tea

Nettle leaf is a natural remedy to treat kidney problems. Nettle leaf tea is famous for its strong diuretic and depurative effects. It removes creatinine and uric acid from blood, purifies blood and increases urination and help to control inflammation and fight infections by strengthening the immune system.

Nettle leaf tea helps to cleanse kidneys and flush waste products
Nettle leaf is a natural remedy for kidney cleansing (Source Unsplash Free to use)


Parsley is one of the foods for kidney cleansing and renal health. National Kidney Foundation of the United States has recommended parsley tea as a natural remedy to nourish kidneys. Healthline blog also reports that parsley tea may benefit renal health by lowering blood pressure which is one of the major risks factors for kidney disease.

Anti-inflammatory properties of parsley help to regulate urinary pH and lower the incidence of kidney stones formation.

Use parsley tea to nourish kidneys and help kidney cleansing.
Use parsley tea to nourish kidneys (Source Unsplash Free to use)


Ginger is spice and is used to improve the flavours and appeal of foods. Ginger has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and helps to relieve pain and hence it makes it an ideal choice to add in the diet. National Kidney Foundation includes ginger in kidney-friendly seasonings to improve renal health.

Ginger is kidney-friendly seasoning to for kidney cleansing
Ginger is kidney-friendly seasoning to improve renal health (Source Unsplash Free to use)

Red Clover

Our kidneys love red clover. It improves mineral profile in our blood which as a result improves our kidney function. Our kidneys recycle minerals from the blood during cleansing and help to regulate mineral profile in our blood.

Enriched mineral balance of red clover improves our kidney function and isoflavones in red clover may prevent kidney disease.

Our kidneys love red clover and it helps in cleansing and flushing toxins from body
Isoflavones in Red clover improves our kidney function (Source Unsplash Free to use)


Goldenrod is known for its skin-healing and diuretic properties. According to Penn State Hershey Medical Center, it acts as a diuretic and native Europeans use it to prevent the formation of kidney stones and treat urinary tract inflammation. In fact, Goldenrod tea extracts often help to flush out kidney stones.

Goldenrod is known for kidney-cleansing and diuretic properties
Goldenrod helps diuretic properties (Source Unsplash Free to use)


Whatever we eat affects our kidneys. The types of foods we eat also helps to protect our renal health. If kidneys function reduces then our body cannot remove waste products and toxins. Therefore, a kidney-friendly diet may help to boost renal function through kidney cleansing. Moreover, the people who are suffering from kidney disease may seek help of their doctor to get recommended kidney-friendly diet in collaboration with dietitian. According to National Health Service of UK, keep yourself slim to help your kidneys.

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