I am Dr. Kashif Ameer. I completed my doctoral program in Food Science and Biotechnology back in 2018. My research work involved in developing innovative and functional foods, food safety, food processing, nutritional improvement of food products, extraction of phytochemicals from plants matrices and detection of irradiated foods. I have rich experience in scholarly publishing and serving as an associate editor for the Journal of Ginseng Research.

I have published several research articles and book chapters in well-reputed International Scientific Journals and Publishers (Elsevier, Springer – International and Wiley). Moreover, I am working as a peer reviewer for several national and international journals. I received Tanner Award from Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) and Top Reviewer Awards from Publons and Top-Notched Peer-Reviewed International Journals in Field of Food Science and Technology, such as Food Chemistry, Ultrasonics Sonochemistry etc. I created this blog to disseminate my knowledge about healthy foods to eat every day for healthy living for the benefit of readers to improve their overall well-being and combat lifestyle and aging-related diseases.

Ancient wisdom tells us that We are What we Eat, So, the sole purpose of The Food For blog is to provide recent advances of foods for healthy living and to improve the overall well-being of humans. This information will help cope with the challenges posed by recent lifestyle-related disorders. Majority of modern health issues are because of unhealthy eating and sedentary lifestyle. The Food For blog is also the place to explore facts about nutraceutical significance of food commodities, functional food ingredients and their health-promoting benefits.

Moreover, people are suffering from various ailments just due to lack of information regarding foods they are consuming routinely. In order to stay fit, everyone should aware of natural foodstuffs/diets and various associated health benefits.

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